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In the drydown vanilla takes the main stage, supported by the bright floral notes of ylang ylang and lily. The final skinscent after many hours of wearing is a bit flat compared to the rest of the perfume, it's just creamy, light vanilla without much projection. Adoro suas nuances e tudo que faz sentir, me sinto mais bonita e poderosa com ele.

This is my only point of criticism, and I can live with it. This perfume for me was the best creation of the Givanchy house, it is seductive and elegant, it really has something light and dark, it for me translates very well the name that has Angel or devil, good and evil, pure seduction or sexy seduction.

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I liked the scent from the bottle, but sprayed on me the black licorice was almost overwhelming.

So I stayed away until I gave it another try one night, and this time I could pull out the powdery, creamy vanilla and floral, and appreciate this truly beautiful and unique nighttime scent that is warm and bold.

After that, I can't smell the perfume on myself anymore.

Longevity and sillage are moderate at best in my opinion.

This is how it is with geniuses, they are not crowd pleasers, you gotta catch them frequency.

An intriguing scent, I thought it had liquorice in it before I knew the notes.

I have since started wearing it this winter which has been really cold and was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and I have to agree with another reviewer the smell of a antiseptic cream and Vick vapour rub but I liked it so much so I used it all ;) Would I buy again , maybe :) This lasts a very long time on cloth. I didn t test it on my skin but within a week i was smelling my scarf all day. It's a very sensual, mysterious perfume and not easy to describe.

The opening is quite spicy with a strong saffron note and thyme.

It is a pretty and well done fragrance, but I don't reach for it often enough since it doesn't stand out to me.

I won't repurchase once I finish the bottle as it is neither longlasting nor memorable.

The dry down is super fresh, almost ozonic and its so weird compared to what you smell in the beginning which is super sweet and cloying.

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