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After running this cmdlet, the WAP server came back online and the configuration could be successfully retrieved from AD FS.I could successfully view the published web applications and access to the IIS back end server was restored: Once everything was working, I was curious to know why the error occurred in the first place.I am working closely with the admins responsible for these devices and can get tests performed as needed.) We have run into an issue where we cannot add conditional forwarders that point to BIND nameservers under Windows Server 2012.

following error occurred validating-65

After some research, I decided to do exactly what AD FS Event ID 276 says to do: Run the Install-Web Application Proxy cmdlet on the WAP server to re-establish trust between AD FS and WAP: The command above re-installs the correct certificate on the WAP Server.

Note that I’m using the correct certificate thumbprint (starting with 22121…): You need to provide your credentials in order to execute the cmdlet.

Requests pass through labwap and then to labadfs for authorization.

The user receives the AD FS authentication page requesting their AD DS credentials which forwards them to the IIS server (labiis).

IN SOA - ( client (.): query: .

IN SOA - ( client (.): query: .

For some reason I was unable to the Fastvue Reporter website that I previously published on this server, and access to the back end IIS server was not working.

Let me show you how my lab environment is configured: My domain “” contains the following servers: The labiis server hosts a non-claims application which receives pre-authentication from labadfs using my AD DS account to log in.

I assume this is because domain credentials are required for the rename once it's joined to the domain. Username) There are actually several reasons that you have to reboot after renaming a computer, or when joining a domain (which is basically the same operation with validation by AD).

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