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Rite Aid took the same step, leading many observers to note that the two companies are part of a group of retailers that's developing its own payment system, called Current C. The Charlotte-based company traces its roots to the 1870s, when American entrepreneurs brought bananas to U. Milsap's career ranged from playing both early R&B and on the Elvis hit "Kentucky Rain" in the 1960s to the heights of solo success in the '70s and '80s.

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Abby Wambach delivered the keynote address at Barnard College last week.

She told the 2018 graduating class the wolfpack to make failure their fuel.

With Ray Suarez What if Billie Jean King had lost to Bobby Riggs?

We’ll imagine that and other what-if moments in sports with Mike Pesca and a roster of all-star writers.

This is the product of a decades-long fight between anti-GMO campaigners and Big Agriculture companies, which left neither side completely satisfied, as NPR has reported .

After Congress passed a bill in 2016 requiring labels on foods containing GMO ingredients, the...

Venezuela's National Election Council, run by Maduro loyalists, said that with nearly 93 percent of polling stations reporting by Sunday, Maduro had won almost 68 percent of the vote, beating his nearest challenger, Henri Falcon, by almost 40 points. A mountain biker has died and a second person was seriously injured after a cougar attacked them on a remote trail in Washington state. Beausoleil , bear and cougar specialist with the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. Now Republican leaders, worried about possibly losing control of the Senate in the November elections, are racing against the clock to push through as many judicial nominations as they can.

But even some of their own members are privately worried that abandoning longtime practices and understandings is undermining the...

Guests Mike Pesca , author of Upon Further Review: The Greatest What-Ifs in Sports History . (@pescami) Jason Gay , sports columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

( @jasongay ) Claude Johnson , president and executive director of the Black Fives Foundation, which researches, teaches...

ET In a case involving the rights of tens of millions of private sector employees, the U. Supreme Court, by a 5-4 vote, delivered a major blow to workers, ruling for the first time that workers may not band together to challenge violations of federal labor laws.

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