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And it has the best differential between five- and one-star ratings of any best-selling model on Amazon, which is important to know since many users leave a one-star rating when a wiper doesn’t fit their car well.

That means more people like them and fewer people have had problems with them. If you’ve found wipers that you’re happy with, you might want to continue using those, because you know they’ll work on your windshield.

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If you notice these signs, or if a wiper is leaving streaks or bands of water, it may be time for new ones.

When long-term testing our picks, they typically worked well for about nine months to a year before showing signs of wear, although this varied, depending on the conditions, the type of wiper, and how well they were maintained.

“I personally have seen people wait so long that the blade becomes old and brittle, and it damages the window,” said Joe Betancourt Jr., VP of Joe’s Expert Auto in Chicago.

“In some cases, the blade comes off with the backing and the arm will gouge the glass, causing an expensive and unneeded repair.” Pete Mc Adoo, of Honest-1 Auto Care in Portland, agrees, “I’ve seen them come off, come apart to where they scratch the glass.

If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, PIAA silicone wipers come well recommended and are claimed to last.

Travis Decker, of Atomic Auto Service in Portland, Oregon, told us that “PIAA Silicone are the best I have ever used.” He said they “last longer and are impregnated with silicone, so they leave a slight bit of water-repellent film on the windshield.” He admits, though, that they are pricey, compared with wipers of a similar design.

If you want to save a few bucks and don’t need the advantage of a beam blade in wintry conditions, the Valeo 600 and Rain-X Weatherbeater are generally safe bets for a traditional bracket-type wiper.

The Valeo 600 is another wiper that we included in our long-term, multicar test, and it performed solidly for most of our drivers.

Prior to that, he was the senior feature editor for Motor Trend for nine years, where he wrote a monthly column about car care and maintenance.

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