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- Your servicing Pirelli dealer has completed the Tire Rotation Record.

- The Pirelli Treadwear Warranty does not apply to Original Equipment fitments.

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- Pirelli Snow tires are not covered under the Treadwear Warranty.

- Passenger and P-Metric Light Truck tires are not covered for mileage when used on commercial vehicles or in commercial applications.

A tire has delivered its original usable tread life and is considered to be 100% worn when the treadwear indicators (2/32” tread remaining) become visible, regardless of age or mileage.

Original Equipment and Replacement Tires Definiti​ons Original Equipment Tires are defined as tires supplied as original equipment by the vehicle manufacturer on new vehicles.

Once tires are returned to Pirelli by an authorized Pirelli dealer and credit has been issued, submitted tires become the property of Pirelli.

To locate an authorized Pirelli Dealer in your area, refer to the Dealer Locator at .

Should qualifying treadwear mileage conditions be met, the authorized Pirelli Dealer will determine the replacement tire cost by multiplying the percentage of the mileage obtained by the current dealer selling price.

This Treadwear Warranty does not extend to anyone other than the original consumer purchaser.

- The tires are worn evenly across the tread, down to the treadwear indicator (2/32'') of wear at which time they are considered to be 100% worn out.

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