Elaine dating keith hernandez

George runs over to Jerry's house, telling him to always answer with "Vandelay Industries".

Among them: speaking proximity, tempers, sexual orientation, hideous jacket preferences, face-punchability, smugness, how they wear their hats, last names, smile attractiveness, smoking habits, first date penis exposure, and stance on abortion, among others.

And unlike the rankings for Jerry’s girlfriends, I am not going to remove her first boyfriend, Jerry, from the equation.

Elaine tells him that it's a guy and there's no need to panic, but Jerry still does. Sokel of the unemployment office of a recent job interview with Vandelay Industries.

He gives Jerry's phone number as the work's number, and the applicant tells him that as soon as the job application is over, she'll call the number.

After Jerry and Keith go out for a night, he tells Jerry that he is interested in Elaine.

The next day, Elaine tells Jerry that she is now dating Keith.

“The Boyfriend, Part 1” is the 17th episode of Season Three, and it first aired February 6, 1992.

It is the first part of a two-part episode, followed by "The Boyfriend, Part 2".

Bob Grossberg, “The Friar’s Club” – Bob deserves a little credit for the way he used his handicap to push all of his work off on Elaine, but he was still just a perv. Lippman and His Son, “The Serenity Now” – What if Elaine had agreed to date Mr. That would have been awkward when his son told everyone how he Frenched his dad’s girlfriend.

Denim Vest and the Betting Parlor Guys, “The Strike” – Creeps need love, too, but Elaine is a fickle woman with 50 more boyfriends to judge.

Jerry, George, and Kramer discuss if George is a chucker in basketball games.

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