Eclipse updating indexes slow

you should always execute your insert and update queries on Java using batch.

eclipse updating indexes slow-34

Another point which is worth noting is that too many indexes slows insert and update operation so be careful with indexes and always go on suitable and practical numbers like having indexes on fields which most often used for searching like id, category, class etc.

Use Prepared Statement or Stored Procedure for executing query Prepared Statements are much faster than normal Statement object as database can pre-compile them and also cache there query plan.

or J2EE web application is very important, especially if its using database in back end which tend to slow down performance drastically.

do you experience your java j2ee web application to be very slow (taking few seconds to process simple requests which involves database access, paging, sorting etc) than below tips may improve performance of your Java application.

these tips are simple in nature and can be applied to other programming language application which uses database as back-end.

If you are interested learning how to use JDBC in right way I suggest you to take a look at Practical database programming with Java book by Ying Bai.Will my processor being old and slow have an effect?I can see it is consistently pegged immediately before displaying Java Heap message.this is most common error programmers make and believe me there is huge difference than querying a database which is indexed and the one which is not.This tip can boost your performance by more than 100% but as I said its mistake now having proper indexes in your tables so don't do that in first place.since connecting to database requires connections to be prepared, network round trip and processing on database side, its best to avoid database call if you can work with cached value.

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