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The former X Factor contestant - who rose to fame on the 2008 series of the ITV talent contest where she was eliminated after the semi-finals - couldn't have looked happier when she was pictured frolicking around on a beach in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, during her recent trip away.

No need to check-in to heartbreak hotel: Newly-single Diana Vickers was the picture of happiness as she enjoyed a recent trip to Los Angeles, three months after splitting with her long-term boyfriend, George Craig Bae-watch: Diana, 24, channeled her inner vintage pin-up as she slipped into an electric blue Fifties-style bikini, which worked wonders for flattering her slimline figure, for her trip to the beach in Santa Monica Spotted in LA, soaking up some sun, Diana Vickers showed us how to work that retro beach look.

This style takes it's inspiration from the 50's and is one of the most flattering on all body types.

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