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Even if you’re a blonde alabaster man, you still have to work hard, because the environment is such that girls can pick and choose which men they want to talk to, and that’s even assuming they are still in the mood to chat after being approach by ten Turkish men who instantly go physical and don’t like taking no for an answer.

My first two nights out I couldn’t find many opportunities on decent girls.

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Turkish men are also not allowed to “pick up” Turkish girls because word may get back to their relatives, in which case they’d be shamed by their elders.

If a Turkish man doesn’t have a steady girlfriend with the intent to marry her, his dick is cleaner than the air in space.

The locals see you as a wallet, in spite of their smiles and physical affection.

The Turks have optimized their tourism game to extract money from you in the most efficient way possible.

It doesn’t help that many Turkish guys are quite good looking with decent style, fashionable haircuts, and big muscles, suggesting that Turkish man are catching up with their Mediterranean counterparts.

You get absolutely no exotic boost if you’re a swarthy man, and girls will think you’re just another desperate Turk, making them the prize while you beg for scraps.

I recently spent 11 eternal days in Alanya, Turkey, a resort that is two hours away by bus from Antalya.

Unfortunately for me, the trip was worse than my previous European summer excursions to Hvar, Croatia, and Odessa.

That makes me wonder if Turkey is a backup plan for white women who can’t compete in their own lands.

They tend to vacation through package deals that put them in all-inclusive resorts far from the center.

I began to think it was a bit silly to pay a lot of money to bake underneath a sun that prevents you from enjoying whatever activity you end up doing.

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