Dating sites with e mails dating chinese women in nz

The easiest way to see other online people is to go to the Search tab.

If a user is online, you'll see an 'ONLINE NOW' image just to the right of his or her user name.

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Finally, you can block a member if that person has requested to be your friend.

Again, to the far right of the friend request, you will find a Block link.

To unblock a user, click the Mail tab followed by the Blocked Users link.

On the next page, you'll see a list of the members you have blocked, if any.

Click the My Account tab and then the Settings link near the top of the page.

If you see a Turn Off Instant Messaging link, then you already have the instant messenger enabled.

There will be a button of a circle with a line through it (i.e., the "no" symbol) at the upper right of the IM window which says "block", if you mouse over it.

You can also block a member if he or she has nudged you.

If you see a Turn On Instant Messaging link, you will want to click that link.

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