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However, we need to determine what we want SEEBRIG to do and, importantly, what we want it to become in the future.

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During the past thirteen years the SEDM forum has been effective, with dialogue aimed at building a more secure and prosperous region through close regional co-operation and sharing common aims between member countries and observer nations.

SEDM has achieved an internationally recognised image, including being held as an excellent model of mutual co-operation among States that are committed to strengthen international peace and stability.

The development of those basic values is enshrined in such internationally renowned organisations, such as the UN, NATO, the EU and the OSCE.

We have also created a military instrument, SEEBRIG, which enables us to work more closely together, to improve our joint defence capabilities, to assist in joining larger organisations such as NATO and the EU, which will strengthen Euro-Atlantic ties.

In the event of a cancellation, participants who have already bought tickets can chose to either have the photo op/autograph from another actor within the same price range, or request the money back in which case, Yuzu Events will reimburse the buyer within 30 Days of the request! Yes, none other than Daniel Gillies will attend East European Comic Con 2018 only on Saturday May 19th!

This peer-reviewed* series provides a forum for high-quality scholarly work - original monographs, article collections, editions of primary sources, translations - on the cultures, economies and societies of a vast area of Eastern Europe, from the fall of the Hunnic empire of Attila to the fall of Constantinople.The activities undertaken within the context of the SEDM Process have developed the security of South-East Europe by three major ways: promoting into Euro-Atlantic institutions.Main objective of the SEDM process is strengthening understanding and politico-military cooperation in the region in order to enhance the stability and security in SEE.Dušan Zupka, Ph D in History, is a lecturer at Comenius University in Bratislava and a researcher at the History Institute of the Academy of Sciences in Bratislava.He is the author of the monograph Ritual and Symbolic Communication in Medieval Hungary under the Árpád dynasty, 1000-1301 (Brill, 2016).Should we seek to undertake security tasks only within the boundaries of our countries or should we assist the wider international security effort to assure peace and stability inside and outside our region?

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