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The Encyclopedia of Aging states that “widowed older women, on average, report lower incomes and are more likely to be poor than are other groups of elderly persons”.

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When a husband or wife is tragically lost, the widow or widower is left to adapt to a new lifestyle and a new sense of independence.

Unfortunately for many, this leads to departure from previous social circles, which can result in loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

We think it’s important to know that widowhood can be the most difficult and distressing time in a person’s life.

When a spouse passes away, the remaining individual is left with a different lifestyle, a loss of dependence, and a broken heart.

Yet grief, intense worry, and unhappiness resulting from widowhood are much more common among widowers and widows than their counterparts.

Periods of grief can last various durations – a few months, several years, even a lifetime – depending on individual’s coping mechanisms.Dr Harvey Dillon Normally, if sounds are coming from different directions, we can focus - we can focus straight ahead, if we hear something more interesting out there, we can focus out that way, even though we look this way.But some children just haven't developed that ability.A 2014 Gerontologist study found that widowers were better with coping financially than widows, because men have greater economic support that “tend to offset the effects of other social and psychological factors”.On the other hand, financial instability triggered greater stressors in females.When married couples live together for many years, they create an economic system to support each other.

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