Dating pitfalls

Alison wants to set the wedding date for a year from now so that she can establish herself at the law firm she just joined. So that she'll have a solid career in case Greg leaves her in the distant future. This means that Alison is walking into marriage with a certain degree of hesitance. Today's divorce rates are so high that it seems to make sense to for her to take care of herself.In her mind, she's planning for the end of her marriage. But she needs to realize that there's a vicious cycle here.

Lo and behold, you find yourself going out on a sixth and seventh date.

You're developing a relationship and things are great. Do not break off a relationship with someone who might really be for you because a friend or relative thinks you should. Once upon a time, the world was a much smaller place.

If she - or Greg, for that matter - starts married life without being fully committed, that doubt will eventually turn into a reality that will end the relationship on its own. If you've dated long enough, and you know you want to get married, do it.

You'll make it married just like you made it single, even if you have to rough it out.

But don't wait to live with the one person who will make your life happy and meaningful just to make some more money.

is the latest web series to successfully make the leap to cable television.And that means that you're going to need more time to get to know the person you're dating. This is even more common than pitfall number three. Eventually, the stress of not being married destroys the relationship and they break up.They then need to recover emotionally before looking for someone else.I would say that after three to six months of dating, you'll know all you need to know. It is not cheaper to rent two apartments or pay two electric bills. So from a purely financial perspective, it makes no sense to wait.But if the courtship drags out beyond a year, watch out. We still need to get our careers off the ground and establish financial independence." Ladies and gentlemen, you have just been introduced to pitfall number five. But there's another issue that's much more serious, especially for women.“They obviously have such big comedic voices, and I wanted to be part of them taking that to a longer format and letting them take the ball and run with it — which they did in such a glorious way.

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