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Some 10,000 square miles (25,900 square kilometers) have been allocated for the development of the urban area that will stretch into Jordan and Egypt.Soft Bank Group Corp.’s Vision Fund on Tuesday signed an initial agreement with the kingdom’s wealth fund to buy a “significant” stake in state-controlled Saudi Electricity Co., and will provide energy for the new city.His supporters can be expected to cheer what they see as a bold drive to transform the kingdom, while others will point to past failed attempts to overhaul the Saudi economy that also included industrial cities in the desert.

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Some landmark projects, such as a $10 billion financial district in Riyadh, are struggling to take off.“Saudi Arabia has announced a number of mega-projects recently, but what investors will ultimately look for is greater details, progress with plans and initial investment,” said Monica Malik, chief economist of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.

And while the planned, more liberal, regulatory framework for the city “could be positive for streamlining investment,” it didn’t gain traction with previous economic cities developed in the kingdom, she said.

Read More: The Remaking of Saudi Arabia: This Time It Can’t Afford to Fail Prince Mohammed, who became heir to the throne this summer after his older cousin was removed from office, has vowed not to repeat past mistakes, insisting that his Vision 2030 will proceed regardless of oil prices.

His government has cut subsidies, slashed spending to trim the budget deficit and it plans to introduce value-added taxation next year to raise non-oil revenue.

The Government “is pulling out all the stops to charm the young reformer after he chose London for his first trip to a Western capital since taking power”, Huff Post’s Paul Waugh.

However, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has urged the Prime Minister to “use this visit to announce the UK will no longer supply arms to Saudi Arabia while the devastating Saudi-led bombing of Yemen continues”.

The crown prince indicated he understood the challenge.

“Dreaming is easy, achieving it is difficult,” he said.

His full schedule has not been made public, but the prince is expected to join the Queen for dinner at Windsor Castle, before heading to No. The talks are aimed at strengthening defence, security and economic ties between the UK and Saudi Arabia, but “given how little we know about him and how important our relations with Saudi Arabia are held to be, it is fair to say that breaths are being held on both sides”, The Times reports.

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