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The authors include government support and promotion of innovation and investments, rule of law, and the availability of the adequate technological, financial, and social infrastructure in the national-level group of factors.According to the researchers, the main barriers hindering the growth of the internet economy include the technological gap between developed and developing countries and the latter's inability to guarantee the rights of consumers who buy goods and services on the internet.Stephen Knight's study [Knight, 2015] is based on Australian data and is focused on the analysis of regional factors affecting the growth of internet economy.

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Various indices are applied to evaluate the internet's penetration, specific technological infrastructure characteristics and economic indicators of how this infrastructure can be accessed, levels of internet use, and indirect characteristics, e.g., human capital [BCG, 2011, 2013, 2014; Mc Kinsey, 2011].

The second group of studies includes research on of the internet's direct [Deloitte, 2011; OECD, 2013; Mc Kinsey, 2011; BCG, 2012] and indirect impacts on the economy [Stiglitz et al., 2009; BCG, 2010] and social sphere [OECD, 2013; Shah et al., 2001; Morton, 2006; Greenstein, Mc Devitt, 2011].

It has encouraged growing interest in electronic content and created a new segment of the economy where all actors rely on the internet.

These processes are most noticeable in developed countries. The development of the domestic segment of the internet economy — the economy of the Runet — is of particular importance due to the size of the country, the significant socioeconomic heterogeneity and the underdevelopment of the transportation networks in the Russian regions.

This requires a separate study, including an analysis of how indices of constant quality that neutralize the effect of changes in consumer product properties and deflators are created The authors stipulate that these research areas hold independent interest. The rapid growth and wide proliferation of services provided via the internet and of related technologies have been a major development in recent decades.

Keywords: internet economy; online and offline business; internet; System of National Accounts (SNA). The Federal Statistical Service's (Rosstat) data for 2005-2015 show more than three-fold growth of gross value added (GVA) created by computer and IT companies, compared with less than 30% growth of GDP during the same period.This paper summarises the results of a review of international and Russian approaches on how to measure the economy that is based on the principles of the System of National Accounts (SNA), using officially available statistical data, thus making this approach different from the previous recommendations.This new approach ensures a stable reproducibility of calculations, reliability and comparability of results as well as compliance with the standards of government statistics.A study of the phenomenon of the internet economy requires a reliable information base.It is hard to provide an adequate quantitative estimate of the size of the internet economy for the following reasons.A study of the phenomenon of the businesses were widespread.

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