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The girls here have more indigenous blood and less European features.The diet here is awful and the gym isn’t that popular.The looks may not be ideal for some Nicaraguan girls, but their personalities are second to none. These girls are caring, down to earth, and actually good humans in many cases.

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If you stay in tourist areas and try to day game, you’ll probably think there’s not an attractive woman in the whole country.

I didn’t see many good looking girls near the beaches or around Granada.

Girls love talking to people from other countries, especially if they can speak some Spanish.

English levels aren’t great in Nicaragua unless the girl works in tourism or is upper-class.

They’re not Bolivian ugly, but you’re bound to be disappointed if you’ve recently been in a place like Colombia or Brazil.

Many girls in Nicaragua look rather indigenous and the cuisine in the country doesn’t lend it’s hand to sexy bodies.

While you won’t have strength in numbers, this is one of the few countries where the women look better online than they do at the mall or in-person during the day. You’ll find upper-class women use the app here and gringo hunters.

The quality is better than any nightclub in the country on average.

If you listen to the hearsay online, you’re likely to believe that all Nicaraguan women are pretty ugly.

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