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It is not unnatural, it is completely normal, you are just passing through one of the stages that everyone who gets into game goes through. The # 1 reason we get approach anxiety is our ‘Fear of Rejection’. I’ll explain why…and then give you a big twist at the end…Our minds tell us not to approach people we don’t know as it is outside of our comfort zones. But before we dive in, a quick HEADS-UP – if you’ve recently been through a breakup get the Breakup Survival Guide for Men immediately.

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A girl saying “I have a boyfriend” or a boy saying “I’m going to marry Emily” is a lot like playing house, says Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.

D., a psychologist in Princeton, New Jersey, and a coauthor of that she’s pretending and that she understands what a boyfriend actually is, so she doesn’t get confused.

Don’t be one of those guys who pay more attention to his Facebook profile than to going out and learning real social skills.

Facebook is a branch on the social tree, not the tree’s trunk.

View full article → From all the different backgrounds, skills and stories that every attendee has, the path inevitably leads to the same focal point: we admit that we want to be better with women.

While this may be an obvious point, a realization I had very early on was that this extends into all aspects of your life.

Whether you're freshly single or just getting back into the game after a self-imposed hiatus, you'd never turn down some of the best dating advice and tips would you?

How to Maximize your Facebook Profile For Dating We're going to start this article off with a disclaimer: Facebook is minor, not even being necessary in the context of dating.

Your teen’s singlehood is good news, even if she doesn’t see it that way.

A 2013 study published in the found that girls who delayed romantic relationships—that is, spending time with real, live boyfriends—to age 14 or older were less likely to have behavioral problems at home and at school than those who began dating at 11.

View full article → Every place I go at least once a week, I am pretty sure I know most of the staff members. In fact, a couple weeks prior I had a similar situation. When I walked in, we greeted each other and there happened to be a MILF in there. View full article → You spend an hour getting ready to go out. Maybe you review your copy of the Magic Bullets Handbook before you leave.

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