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Seward Park is a neighborhood in southeast Seattle. It was a bad scene; when the dealers weren’t interested the cops were. Visit if you’re looking for Seattle’s orthodox Jews. The neighborhood is chockfull of synagogues – including the oldest synagogue in Washington State – and other staples of Jewish life. The FBI raided their home in 1995 – Nissim was seven at the time – their house was battle-rammed; live firearms, AK-47s, his mother forcibly arrested. (Nissim’s mother died of an overdose when he was 19.

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When he was seven his grandfather came to live with him. He thought that if you give up on Jesus you burn in hell. But the more you learn, the more questions you have. But a deal is a deal and he had to tour to support the album. But on the condition that he wouldn’t get paid – except for touring expenses – and in return for not taking any money he wanted to observe Shabbat and the holidays on the road.

And that was comfortable because he didn’t want to give up on Jesus. He no longer wanted to wade knee deep in the muck and mire of entertainment international.

She came from a close family and not being with them for the holidays was a difficult idea for her. And she convinced her sister and her sister’s husband to join them as well.

She was with him on his spiritual journey as well and he eventually discussed with her his discovery about the pagan holidays and his interest in the Torah. She was a hardcore Christian, from a strong evangelical background. They cracked open the books, asked questions, and searched online. Not only did his wife agree to join him on his journey in Jewish observance, she took the lead and pushed him to consider an orthodox conversion.

Think about your life and make your decision because it is the right thing to do. "Nissim is accomplishing two extremely important things with his new album," Rabbi Benzaquen says.

And some toasters are said to be possessed by the devil. But you can’t call it a clear case of divine intervention. Miracles are wonderful things, but don’t rely on miracles. Nissim's rabbi, Rabbi Simon Benzaquen, cannot overstate how important he feels Nissim's new music is. And in particular, he had the power to do good with music. There was nothing Nissim could do but pray and hope for a miracle. The other rapper called Nissim and they worked it out. The cops had their man and so they left Nissim and the rapper and everyone else alone. Nissim didn’t know enough – and he was too young – to be an observant Muslim. Enough people asked about his religion to give him a reputation as the local Muslim. He thought about his life – his mother’s recent death from drugs, his good fortune in the music world, his close call with violence and the law, miracles good and bad – and he naturally thought about it from a Christian perspective. Black opened fire in a nightclub and the cops were called and the friend went to jail and D. And fear can sometimes penetrate the pettiness of the street. He was out on parole and in 1996 violated the terms of parole and was sent back to jail. So Nissim became a messianic Jew: a practicing Jew and a believer in Jesus. Since the time Nissim’s mother had left him, his father had cleaned up his act and was on his way to becoming a Christian theologian (today he is a professor of Christian thought at a number of colleges in the Seattle area). He wanted to study and grow and get on with conversion. It was a multiyear process and culminated in a massive double re-wedding paid for in full by the Seattle Jewish community.

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