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The degree of each depends on a person’s age, status in the society, and individual circumstances.

Women and children are closer to the family, although with a larger number of working women that has become less the case.

The people of Taiwan highly regard their culture and like to advertise it.

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Traditionally, they are expected to pay their debts and to renew their lives.

The Dragon Boat Festival (in the spring), the Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day on October 10 are other important holidays.

Taiwan’s culture, however, has also been influenced by traditional Japanese culture, which was more clan-oriented and feudal and gave high status to the military (traditionally, the samurai class).

It has also been influenced by the culture of aboriginal peoples, which is tribe-oriented.

Also of note were the emergence of a generation gap and a large and increasing number of women entering the workforce, which helped to undermine the family-centred social system.

Although there have been profound changes in the traditional family structure in Taiwan, Taiwan’s society is still more family-oriented than most. The family still plays a role in marriages and in many social events, and it remains the focus of its members’ loyalty and identification.

The society is hierarchical and class-oriented, though it is egalitarian in the sense that one has the opportunity to advance socially through education.

In theory, at the top of the traditional social ladder were the scholars, followed by peasants, workers, merchants, and soldiers. Soldiers rose in class status during times of invasion or war.

Stability within the household is of great importance.

Ritual and role-playing are stronger than in most other cultures.

At home, meals bring the family together and last longer than in many other societies.

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