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Ternovskiy then bought the domain for seven dollars.

Ternovsky built the site using an old computer in his bedroom and originally coded the entire website himself.

Hundreds of people logged on, and at that point, made up about 50% of the website's user-base.

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What sounds like a French cat-gambling website is actually an Internet phenomenon that allows web cam users to connect with each other at random with the click of a button.

Chatroulette has quickly become a place to see the Web’s best (thousands of people connecting with one another using cutting-edge technology) and its worst (thousands of people pleasuring themselves in front of random, disgusted strangers.) But like any Internet success, it’s also spawned countless videos, made both about—and on—the site. Chatroulette: A Scientific Study This is a brilliant bit of social science from filmmaker Casey Neistat.

Now the site requires users to create a profile, including username, email address and password in order to create the profile.

This was in effort to encourage more meaningful interactions on the site, as well as increase the safety of all users.

Chatroulette's main source of income came through advertising links to an online dating service.

One of the first things that garnered popularity for the site was a Brazilian soccer player posting a notice inviting like-minded people to talk about the sport on Chatroulette.

Both users have the option to leave the chat at any given time.

The anonymous nature of the chat rooms allow people to interact however they please; there are no censors or filters to inhibit people from being vulgar or offensive.

The site does have rules and guidelines that prohibit sexually explicit behavior but this does not entirely prevent it from occurring.

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