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The various couple apps have different, unique features, and we outline them in this article.

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It’s a way to add positive reinforcement to relationship-building gestures that may motivate both of you to do more for each other.

Kouply is here to help you “reignite” or to keep the fun and excitement in your relationship.

Girls like all the hearts, flowers, bears, and other cutesy emoticons.

Seriously, no matter how old we get, they’ll always be cute.

Just fire up your chat app of choice: Facebook Messenger, Whats App, Line, We Chat, and you’re chatting the hours away with your sweetheart.

More than the standard chat apps, there is also a growing choice of “couple apps,” which are closed-circuit apps exclusive to a couple.And if you guys are extra-competitive, nothing’s stopping you from competing against other couples on a global leaderboard.Personally, though, just the mere positive reinforcement should be a bit of a push and a motivating factor to do nice things for each other.Thanks to the internet, relationships are now easier to deal with, because social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have made the world a smaller place, and communication a lot easier.In fact, because of technology, long-distance relationships are more bearable, and have gotten more common.If your wife left you a delicious meatloaf before she went out with her girlfriends, give her 100 points.

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