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Touch ID is the name of Apple's fingerprint identity sensor.

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Every new i Phone comes with new hardware and software innovations that power signature features which aren’t available on other i OS or mac OS devices.

In time, these features will be available on all i Phones and i Pads of the future.

You can register up to 5 fingerprints from your own fingers, that of your family or colleagues, or a fellow traveler in case of emergencies — without having to give them your passcode or password. Here's how to set up Touch ID on your i Phone or i Pad.

Apple Pay lets you make in-store purchases with your i Phone, and online purchases with your i Phone or i Pad, with just a scan of your fingerprint.

When I got the phone, I didn’t even bother to check whether Animoji would work if you covered some of those sensors.

It turns out Animoji only needs a front-facing camera to work, as Marques Brownlee discovered while reviewing the i Phone.

It then uses the standard RGB front-facing camera to track the user’s face in real-time, enabling the Animoji feature.

While some kind of Animoji feature could theoretically be enabled on older i Phones, it wouldn’t work nearly as well without the True Depth camera, which is apparently why Apple chose to limit Animoji to the i Phone X.

Notes are a handy way to collect and store any information you want to keep handy.

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