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Her major feature film debut was Let it Be Me which she worked shortly before starting on MADtv.

Season 8, Episode 1September 14, 2002The eighth-season premiere includes parodies of “The Anna Nicole Smith Show”; “Oz” with Martha Stewart (Mo Collins); and the Nelly video “Hot in Herre.” Also: the winner of “American Idol” and the show's judges. Also: parodies of “Star Dates” and “The Honeymooners.” Music guest: Godsmack. Season 8, Episode 23May 3, 2003Missy Elliott performs.

New cast members include Jill-Michele Melean, Ike Barinholtz and Josh Meyers. Season 8, Episode 17March 8, 2003“Sadaam Hussein” hosts a party for French and German pals; “The King of Queens” and “C. I.” are parodied; a babysitter spots a nannycam; a man learns his best friend and his mom are lovers. Sketches include Stuart preparing to visit his father; an obnoxious brother intruding on a date; a father berating his grown daughter in public. Season 8, Episode 24May 10, 2003Tom Arnold guest stars in spoofs of Oscar De La Hoya, Barry Bonds and Marv Albert; an SUV owner defends her vehicle after an accident; a customer challenges a philsophical box boy.

Also: “Connie Chung” interviews “Joe Millionaire” and “The Bachelorette”; dictators play “The Dating Game”; Bunifa appears on “Trading Spaces”; “LL Cool J” raps about bodybuilding; a vivacious blonde performs a colonoscopy; neighbors fight over outdoor decor. Season 8, Episode 15February 15, 2003Parodies of Peanuts; Bill O' Reilly; Christina Aguilera; and “Joe Millionaire,” with guests Evan Marriott and butler Paul Hogan.

Season 8, Episode 14February 8, 2003“Shaquille O' Neal” hosts a talk show with co-host “Marv Albert”; “Trent Lott” visits “Reality Check”; a drama queen describes a purse snatcher to police; sorority sisters host a cable-TV show.

to midnight time period), many fans found the show's mix of original comedy sketches and TV parodies to be more consistent and funny than those of its rival.

Among the memorable and iconic characters the show produced are Alex Borstein's Miss Swan, who, as the proprietor of the "Gorgeous Pretty Beauty Nail Salon," constantly drove everyone crazy with her convoluted and illogical answers to the simplest of questions; Michael Mc Donald's man-child Stuart, who irritated anyone who crossed his path with his spasmodic body movements while shouting "look what I can do" in a high-pitched baby voice; and Debra Wilson's bipolar Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson, who switched on a dime from a docile, compliant and softspoken sweetheart to a screaming, aggressive in-your-face ghetto girl.'s Maya Rudolph during the same time period.

After graduation, She continued her studies at “Syracuse University”, working in television and radio broadcasting.

Wilson was also a pre-school teacher during the 1980s for the All Saints Church, in Sunnyside, Queens.

12 on the CW Network, CW's digital Web network, CW Seed, will stream 75 of the series' funniest episodes ever.

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