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"I wanted to consider the out-of-sight, out-of-mind 'hidden-ness' of contemporary nuclear facilities, test ranges and missile silos - which are often shrouded in a geographic void." "Essentially the idea with the photos is that I approached the subject of nuclear weapons like a visual anthropologist.

I photographed historic sites, remnants, contemporary sites, and then delved into artifacts: the Operation Cue film stills, the civil defence material - even ventured into the politics of museum and historical display at the Bradbury Science Museum.

" By photographing active ICBM Minuteman Missile silos and their adjacency to everyday places, Brouws also sought to document the shocking proximity of these weapons of mass destruction to small-town American environments.

"By pitting routine daily life - the working of the grain elevator, the keeping of bees, the ebb-and-flow of the local convenience store - against the industrialised missile silo sites I want to contrast the surreal destructive power these weapons have when compared to the fragile and familiar everyday prairie landscapes that lie just a few miles distant," he says.

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Watching me with a wary eye, he tells me, “Laura’s not home.” Friendly as I can muster, I reassure him, “I’m a journalist, doing a story on Jeffrey Lash.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art The Whitney Museum of American Art The Fogg Museum, Harvard University Princeton University Art Museum Los Angeles County Museum of Art The J.

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