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Joshua Rothman is a graduate student and Teaching Fellow in the Harvard English department, and an Instructor in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Brainiac Dating, a social-networking site whose tagline is "Where it's sexy to be smart!

," is not affiliated with Brainiac, the blog, nor do we endorse it.

Balancing off against the relatively low membership numbers, we think that it’s definitely worth signing up and checking out if you’re someone who looks for a stimulating talk about the world and the world of dating.

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She edits Smithsonian's Smart News blog and has contributed to Salon, Good, The American Prospect, Bloomberg News, and other publications.

Guest blogger Joshua Glenn is a Boston-based writer, publisher, and freelance semiotician.

In fact, you can upload poems and store poems you enjoy, sharing them with your favorite members as a way to get chats going.

You won’t find that on many dating sites, rest assured!

A few extra features (suited to the brainy members) include trivia, IQ tests, quizzes and more.

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