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"If somebody said to me, ' You really should meet so-and-so.But hurry, she's not going to be on the market for long' (and it was true), that would be a totally different scenario."Charlie suggests that there is a way to give the guy and girl more autonomy on the blind date that will help dissolve the air of desperation.

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"It helps if I trust the person who is setting me up and if he or she knows the kind of personalities I get along with, types I am attracted to, etc." Closely akin to the stipulation of trusting the mutual friend who is suggesting the blind date, the men I spoke to want to know that they are going into the blind date on the premise of more than just a hunch.

Bill told me that he would definitely be up for being set up on a blind date, although he has never been asked before.

But he did stipulate that he needed to trust the matchmaker.

"As long as it was set up by someone I trust, I didn't ask too many questions," Connor says.

It's not that guys aren’t up for an old-school blind date at all.

In fact, I interviewed a group of ten guys, and all said they would consider a blind date, but they have a few more reservations.

But of course, we couldn't really know this for sure—so we decided to have one of our male writers go on a date with a woman he'd never seen before (even online) and ask him afterward how much he remembered about her (without giving him so much as a hint that there would be a pop quiz). Until a couple of weeks ago, I had never been on a blind date.

Most of you probably haven’t been, either, because it’s the 21st Century and we don’t have to go on them.

It may be a profile picture, a chat online, or maybe we trust the person who is setting us up enough to know that this date won’t be a total miss. How do we feel about a friend setting us up with a man we have never met, maybe never even seen a picture of?

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