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The New York Times has one of the world’s oldest and largest photo archives, with more than seven million images dating back to the early 1900s.Times photography is recognized globally and includes the work of an award-winning team of photojournalists.

Cordon Press provides the most relevant world of imagery nowadays in Spain.

Based in Madrid, Cordon Press was founded in 1989 and has grown year to year, including a complete collection of editorial and creative content, with new projects continually launching. Created in 1979, Cosmos today represents more than forty photographers in France and abroad.

During the years many prestigious agencies did choose to be represented by HH in the Netherlands, creating therefore an unique portfolio of imagery.

Hollandse Hoogte also cooperates with the three major Dutch Photographic Institutes, which makes their enormous wealth in historic photography accessible in one portal.

FLASH90, Israel’s leading photojournalism agency, was founded in 1990 by Nati Shohat.

With a daily updated website, FLASH90 features more 100 000 archive photos covering news, politics, religion and culture from the entire region of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

BOSTOK Photo Agency is a Basque Country based cooperative that provides quality pictures, with a personal vision of the world.

BOSTOK photographers have a long career photographing the Basque Country, covering its political armed conflict, as well as the region's cultural issues and strong traditions.

Cordon Press represents more than 50 photographers covering fashion, society, cultural and political affairs, sports, human interest and much more, producing more than 1,000 pictures each week with the highest quality results. The agency uses its knowledge and experience for the photographers' benefit and allows them to create with complete freedom.

Despite changes in the industry its objective has remained the same: favor both the authors and in-depth reporting on social issues.

We are known for our premium celebrity portraits and unparalleled royal collections, but we also offer news, travel, lifestyle and features, as well as an impressive historical archive.

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