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If we do the math, 401 pixels x 3 bytes = 1203, which is not divisible by 4.

Typically, 24-bit depth buffers will pad each depth value out to 32-bits, so 8-bits per pixel will go unused.

However, if you ask for an 8-bit Stencil Buffer along with the depth buffer, the two separate images will generally be combined into a single depth/stencil image.

However, copying an Open GL object's data to a new object is incredibly expensive; it is also essentially impossible to do, thanks to the ability of extensions to add state that you might not statically know about.

So instead, we should forbid copying of Open GL wrapper objects.

If the Open GL implementation does not support the particular format and precision you choose, the driver will internally convert it into something it does support.

Open GL versions 3.x and above have a set of required image formats that all conforming implementations must implement. The driver will likely not have to perform any CPU-based conversion and DMA this data directly to the video card.For example, one might have a texture object that has a constructor and a destructor like the following: will not work correctly after context destruction.This problem usually manifests itself with constructors, when a user creates a texture object or similar Open GL object wrapper at global scope.Ideally, copying a RAII wrapper should cause a copy of the Open GL object's data into a new Open GL object.This would leave each C object with its own unique Open GL object.Benchmarking shows that on Windows and with n Vidia and ATI/AMD, that this is the optimal format.

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