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Less than two weeks after that, I got word that my preliminary results were ready, and my full results were available after another week.When you log in to see your results, you can also update your profile with more information about your background.

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Here you see a graph of your ancestry composition, which in my case is 95.4 percent British and Irish.

You can also see your extended DNA family (more on this later) and famous relatives—apparently Jesse James is a distant relative on my mother's side.

After that, you simply pop the tube into the included plastic bag, place it in the provided prepaid return envelope, and drop it off at the post office.

About a week after I shipped out my DNA sample, I received confirmation of its receipt from 23and Me.

23and Me ships kits to every US state, as well as more than 50 countries around the world. When you receive the kit, you have to activate it using the unique barcode, and set up an account with 23and Me.

Next you provide your name, date of birth, and sex.Mine wasn't very exciting, except for the 0.6 percent Iberian, which made me happy since I happen to love Spain and Portugal.You also view your makeup by chromosome on a color-coded bar chart.While a variation in Neanderthal ancestry isn't a big deal, a variation in Parkinson's markers would be.On the composition page, you see exact percentages of your makeup with an interactive map.The agency had to go through rigorous regulatory review comparable to that required for medical devices.

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