Are andy and erin dating on the office how long were megan fox and brian austin green dating

When the documentary was about to air, she had to tell Senator Lipton that she knew about his affairs (see below) and that she hooked up with Dwight.

They got a happy ending, however, as Dwight became a black belt and was finally promoted to regional manager. Andy: Was named manager by Robert California, who ran Dunder Mifflin while it was owned by Sabre.

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(Classic Jim: this is the same impulsiveness that led him to buy a house without asking her, except with a less-happy ending.) Roy gets married.

Jim and Pam ended up in marriage counseling, with Jim deciding that Pam is more important than his job and agreeing to spend more time in Scranton.

Jam ‘shippers should also watch the penultimate Office episode, if only to catch an incredible clip of the best Jim and Pam momen Dwight and Angela: Angela married State Senator Robert Lipton and had a son, also named Philip.

Dwight believed that Angela’s child was his, despite her insistence that Philip is a Lipton, not a Shrute.

If you stopped watching when Michael Scott left Scranton to start a life out west, here’s what you missed: (MEGA-SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY) (MORE: The Office Will End Big. But It Can Still End Well.) Jim and Pam: Had another kid, Philip.

Pam’s maternity-leave replacement tried to seduce Jim, unsuccessfully.

Ended up allied with Angela, even taking her in when the Senator went public about his sexuality and divorced her (for one of his other lovers). Clark, mini Dwight, was briefly farmed out as a love slave for Jan, former Dunder Mifflin exec, who is now the paper buyer for the Scranton White Pages. Joined the cast as the special-projects manager at Sabre, Dunder Mifflin’s erstwhile parent company, but ended up working in Scranton, briefly replacing Andy while he was in Florida fetching Erin back.

Darryl: Fell for warehouse worker Val (who was originally in a relationship with someone else and then was pursued by Gabe). Although she was initially a pest, it turned out that she’s fun and cooky.

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