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According to reports, Carter pulled into a Walmart Supercenter in Georgia in an attempt to fix his car.

He left the vehicle at the facility and when the repairs were done and it was time to pay-up all of Aaron’s cards were declined.

Carter’s declaration about his orientation came less than a month following the dramatic coverage of his recent arrest, and it also strangely coincides with the release of his upcoming album.

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There has been speculation for quite some time now that Carter has been involved with some unsavory extra-curricular activities, but the star has long denied that he is anything but sober.

Due to his deteriorating appearance, many assume that Carter has been addicted to a variety of things, and all of their concerns came to a head this past summer when the singer was busted for a DUI.

While driving himself around the country on tour, Aaron Carter was already on a downward spiral even before he was arrested earlier this summer.

After details about his arrest came to light, new details emerged stating that the wayward star found himself in hot water hours earlier when he couldn’t come up with the funds to pay for his flat tire.

We might never know the answer, but with Aaron’s track record of shady behavior anything is possible.

Aaron has sworn off all social media too many times to count, but the troubled star is always a glutton for punishment and restores his accounts within moments of dramatically calling it quits.

The tearful star let all of his emotions out on the table as he discussed his many struggles.

On top of that, Aaron also talked about his desire to get married and start a family with his girlfriend of the moment, Madison Parker.

While the star still is adamant that he’s not a drinker nor drug user, his police report surely says otherwise.

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