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You procrastinate frequently, especially on things you do for others.

One way of controlling others is to make them wait.

You constantly protect yourself so no one will know how afraid you are of being inadequate, imperfect, left, dependent or simply human.

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Now consider you had "Free Member" Status on your profile, the person you are with would not have met you in the first place as you may not even have money for drinks let alone lunch or a hotel room, considering you couldn't afford to pay for Membership.

All our Members are paid up Members and wouldn't want to meet someone who hasn't contributed.

You may find this harsh, but I hope you find it helpful.1.

You don't speak your truth openly, kindly and honestly when asked for your opinion or when asked to do something for someone. You appear sweet, compliant and agreeable, but are really resentful, angry, petty and envious underneath.

If after browsing our Visitors Area and seeing what the Club offers, you still clicked on this question, consider this ...

When you meet another Member, as most people do, they test the chemistry by meeting for a few drinks or lunch or dinner and possibly go on to enjoy no strings attached fun by booking into a hotel.

And these behavior patterns can change with some insights, skills and relationship advice. We all come by our passive-aggressive "stuff" honestly. If you read the list and saw yourself, you have two choices: recognize what's not working for you and change it, or continue to blow it off as other people's problems.

So, if you've realized a few uncomfortable things about yourself in the list above, what now? Choose the first so you can feel more accepted, loved, wanted, appreciated and respected immediately. Rhoberta Shaler, Ph D, has spent the past 30 years helping couples navigate challenging relationships.

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