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Specifically, D&C Fora aim to inform citizens about the council’s achievements and challenges as well as its priorities for the following year.More 08 June 2017 Practical training is an important part of training students in nursing and midwifery.In light of this, the National Committee for Sub-national Democratic Development (NCDD-S) with support from the GIZ implemented EU Project for Decentralisation and Administrative Reform (EU DAR) has taken action. More 05 April 2018 ASEAN China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) framework was signed in November 2002 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and came into effect in January 2010. The Department of Psychology, with financial support by the GIZ Civil Peace Service, organized this annual awareness rising event for the fifth time and more than 1700 students, lecturers and mental health professionals were following the invitation.

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27 April 2017 Experienced psychologists and social workers know about the importance of the family in Cambodia as a collectivist society.

For the “Postgraduate Certificate in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice” training of the Department of Psychology at RUPP enrolled 12 of them – working in various fields of their professions.

Bearing this in mind, the GIZ Improving Maternal and Newborn Care Project is addressing relevant blood transfusion …

More 20 April 2018 The ASEAN Economic Community has determined that trade within the region is to be increased and has also defined Agriculture as a core sector.

Such partnerships are based on the idea that development goals are best achieved when the public sector cooperates with the private sector.

In Cambodia, SAFT entered an i PPP agreement with the Khmer Organic Cooperative Co., Ltd (KOC) for the period of 15 September 2016 to 28 February 2018, with a total volume of 95,000 Euros. The workshop aimed to take stock of achievements gained so far and to develop an outlook for the remaining 18 months of the project until December 2018.

More 15 September 2017 The Department of Psychology at RUPP has been conducting a survey on “Positive Youth Development” (founded by CPS/GIZ), comprising 1600 young people from six different high schools in urban and rural areas. More 06 September 2017 In August 2016, the ASEAN-German Cooperation Project “Standards in the Southeast Asian Food Trade” (SAFT) project entered an integrated Public Private Partnership (i PPP) with the Khmer Organic Cooperative Co., Ltd (KOC) in Cambodia.

So far two major developments can be seen: Firstly, the first two Cambodian farms have been certified according to the EU organic standard.

Although a roadmap for the implementation of GAP and organic food has already been developed by the General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA) with the support of the ASEAN-German Cooperation Project “Standards in the Southeast Asian Food Trade” (SAFT)“, what was still missing was a commitment of the whole supply chain – farmers, retailers and consumers – to use these standards actively.

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