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I have met many people with 100 messages who don't have the time to go through every single one and delete it. All the fun solely lasts in the people u meet, not really in the game itself.

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first of all, many of the censors are extremely sensitive to even words that are not bad at all.

For example, I have typed a single letter by itself in the past and it was censored.

Please continue to send questions, suggestions and ideas to

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Next, many of my dances and poses are in multiples now since the new update. and they all perform something different or act strange. Lastly, my messages and notifications pile up extremely fast.

If there was a way you could add a ‘delete all’ button to the messages or an unread section so that we can clear out all of our previous messages or unread mail, that would be amazing. Avakin is a decent interactive mmorpg game but after a few days, boredom quickly sets in for the users as there isn’t much to do.

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