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“One of the primary vulnerabilities of the historical model of referring students for eligibility evaluations is that lack of adequate instruction was not ruled out as a cause of low achievement.” Kovaleski, Van Der Heyden and Shapiro, 2013 The explicit requirement is that the school/district must have a comprehensive assessment system that allows for effective problem solving at all tiers and across student groups to assure that the majority of students are responding to the instruction and intervention provided.

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(emphasis added) It is entirely possible for one or more of these factors to be influencing a student’s lack of achievement and response to instruction/intervention and for the student to have an SLD.

The IEP team must determine the degree to which each factor affects the student’s performance.

phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension); and/or • Lack of appropriate instruction and scientific research-based intervention in math.” The assurance that appropriate instruction is delivered is a required “special rule for eligibility determination,” for all areas of disability under IDEA 300.306(b)(1)(i-iii) and is not unique to the use of Rt I as a component of a comprehensive evaluation.

This criterion has remained unchanged in the policy which becomes fully effective July 1, 2020.

This criterion provides evidence that the student’s learning difficulties are not primarily the result of: ● Visual, hearing or motor disability; ● Intellectual disability; ● Emotional disturbance; ● Cultural factors; ● Environmental or economic influences; and/or ● Loss of instructional time due to factors that include, but are not limited to absences, tardies, high mobility rates and suspensions.

In many instances, once a comprehensive evaluation is started, the IEP team will have existing data gathered through problem-solving that can be utilized to document the extent to which each factor has been addressed.

“Is there common language/common understanding in your LEA/school about the need to demonstrate effective core instruction before referring a student for special education?

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