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Decent men may not realize just how much women have to put up with from aggressive guys who come on strong sexually. I have burned up several months trying to deal with women on websites and the one outstanding problem is proximity. I am hoping some women will pound their keyboards and tell me what is up!

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There are simply places in the US where there are more elderly women common and probably available.

While you might not be served to outright move, if you have the means and resources to routinely travel to higher density areas might be a good move for you.

On line dating for me goes like this: Meet someone, exchange some emails, try to arrange schedules and finally meet a month later after driving for an hour or more. Could be she will have doubts about you and find a way to ask.

For me, I go on a date to enjoy an activity I like with a women.

In basic terms, most women, of any age, want to know what is in it for them. What are the answers you have for common questions and doubts and complications for men in your situation/age bracket.

My suggestion is to highlight your strengths to the points I mention and to counter any the common questions most women are going to ask, either directly or indirectly to you.

Worse case, I still like the activity even if we don't hit it off.

Chemistry and is harder to determine online, sexual compatibility almost impossible.

I took a brief look at your profile, I think the photo of you active and on the beach is great.

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