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On June 30, 1921, the repair depot was closed and the Bustleton field was abandoned.June 1918 issue of “Flying” magazine featured an enthusiastic article supporting the new airmail service.

We are also celebrating a milestone for the Otto Kahn Awards program that began in 2003.

To date, over $100,000 has been raised at the Garden Party in partnership with Gary Melius and awarded to deserving students by Friends of OHEKA, carrying on Otto Kahn’s tradition of supporting struggling artists in the early 20th century.

All proceeds support the Otto Kahn Awards Program for high school students from Huntington who are continuing their education in the performing arts, music or fine arts.

At the Garden Party, Friends of OHEKA is honoring Gary Melius on his 30th anniversary of purchasing OHEKA Castle.

On April 28, the noted that the service would include an aircraft flying over the city of New York and “when it gets on the right spot the mail clerk will press a button or pull a control wire, and the mail bags will drop down into a net spread in the hollow square around which the post office is built.” Not quite what postal officials had in mind.

By the end of the April, postal officials had secured the three landing fields and were comfortable in their decision to publicize May 15, 1918 as the first day of the service.

Hardy, secretary of Aero club announced today.” All of this before a single plane had carried a single piece of mail on the first route.

While most papers got the basic information correct about the upcoming service, some got their wires crossed somewhere along the line, perhaps sharing what their editors or publishers envisioned an airmail service to be.

He suggested the existing airfield at College Park, MD, but George Conner, who had been placed in charge of securing airfield locations, argued that it was nine miles away from the post office, which he deemed too far away.

In Philadelphia, the local papers gushed that the work being done at the Bustleton field was happening so quickly that the May 15 date just might move up in time to the first week in May. Bustleton, in what is now northeastern Philadelphia, required a lot of work to serve as a functioning airfield.

Yesterday, Vanessa Fox did a great post about how we’re changing the crawl dates that you see at the top of Google cached pages to make them more accurate.

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